Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dreams, the trilogy?

Images. Sounds. Reflections. They all come and go while the human mind is the most vulnerable. While the person is sleeping. Most people don’t remember what they dreamt last night. Some retain flashes of it. Some dreams make people happy, others give people a scare.


But the bottomline is, the person has to wake up – and the moment he does, the dream ends. An alternate universe, images sounds and reflections, they go, bringing you back to reality, or what we perceive as reality.


Isn’t cinema the same?


What you see on the screen for an hour or two, or maybe even for a few minutes, take you away to a different world. An alternate universe where the real is unreal, the unreal is real. Where people are portraying other people.


Doesn’t that happen in your dreams also? People you know, act differently?


And in the end, both get over. Some dreams you remember, some you forget. Same as some cinema you remember, some you do forget. Yet when you’re in a dream, or watching a movie, you are in it, in that alternate world.


Some people might have seen my last film Death of a Dream. Others might have read a recent blog post titled A School Boy's Dream. I was shooting A School Boy’s Dream today (and on that regard, it should be ready in 3-4 days). It is going to be a one-minute film.


However, two films, back to back, Death of a Dream and A School Boy’s Dream. Is there a third film coming up in the horizon? The Dreams Trilogy?

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Lunatic Speaks about Windows 7

I would say that Windows 7 is my new found love. I was pretty apprehensive before installing it – remembering my experience of my upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Vista. However, now, after using it for about a week, Windows 7 is like a Windows experience like never before!


First of all, it is faster than Vista. Well, I am not one of those technical magazines who clock the times of the boot ups and shutdowns and other processes. But, from the general experience, it is a lot faster and very much noticeably so as otherwise I wouldn’t have notices. Boot up is faster. Premiere and Photoshop work like a dream. Video rendering which used to take ages now gets done in a jiffy. And, Photoshop, complex filters and effects used to take time, but now they get done in a blink of an eye.


On the softwares front, all my favourite softwares are working. CorelDRAW, Adobe, torrents, everything. No issues anywhere. Apart from a small niggling issue – DVD drive emulation is not happening from any software. Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120% – none of them are even getting installed. However, hopefully, the software makers should soon resolve this issue, and thus I am not really worried.


I read in some online post that Windows 7 experience for them has been nothing great and that it looks exactly like Vista. I would like to counter that. I would say it, till now, has the reliability that Windows XP had and has the visual attractions of Windows Vista. I specially love the new taskbar. A mixture of the original Windows taskbar and the Mac dock. It works like a charm and makes computing a lot faster and easier.


I would suggest upgrading to Windows 7 if you are not happy with Vista. But, don’t upgrade, install a fresh copy. I heard that upgrade only changes the looks and keeps the system still slow.


And the shake! I love the shaking aspect of the Windows to minimize the other background windows. It might sound corny or even feel stupid, but it’s fun. And it gives you a way to pass the time while you’re waiting for a download to finish or maybe some process to end!


Not the usual bit of post one expects from  this blog I guess. But, Windows 7 deserves to be hailed!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So now I am using Windows Live Writer

Windows 7 got installed. And it kicks ass, contrary to popular and ignorant belief. It’s faster, better and looks good, too!


And then I found this thing called Windows Live Writer. So, whenever I feel like writing blogs, I can write and the blog posts get automatically uploaded to this!



Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A School Boy's Dream

They met in the secluded spot. For the first time, he had a rose in his hand. She took it and smiled. They didn't talk, much. Butterflies in their stomach.

They kept meeting.

They got to talking. A lot.

They got closer.

They held hands.

He was happy. Very. A mintue he couldn't bear without her.

It was not a normal day. She was crying. He put his hands around her, and tried to comfort her. She stopped sobbing, and looked at him. For the first time in his life, he got a kiss, albeit one on the cheeks.

The next day, he was there, where they met, always. She wasn't there.

He waited and waited. But she didn't come.

It was hard enough to approach her for the first time, but it was harder to lose her after getting close.

"A school boy's dream, you act so shy
Your very first kiss was your first kiss goodbye."

Thanks to tearssweatsaliva for the illustration.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Conversations with the Fortune Teller Genius

Me, the always jobless one, spied upon a post in the newsreel in my Facebook account. It was of one Shahana Yasmin who asked the Fortune Teller Genius (that's the name of an application) if she'll ever get to watch a certain movie.

So, me, the utter jobless one, clicked on that application. Well, I don't really believe in Fortune Tellers. Nonetheless the ones that are on Facebook, but it seemed a nice way to pass the time.

And here's how it goes. You are supposed to type in a question and that Fortune Teller Genius will give me an answer. I had a pretty long conversation with that application, and it reads thus.

Me: Should I sell my Ibanez and buy a Fender?
He (It?): It depends... but I don't think so.

Me: Ok, a Les Paul then?
It: It's difficult. The answer is no.

Me: So I'll stick to my Ibanez?
It: Yes, no doubts.

Me: What about the amp? Should I get mine back from Kolkata or buy a bigger one here?
It: No, first you must study.

Me: Are you for, like, real?
It: No! Are you crazzy?

Me: So, should I trust your judgement?
It: Yes, but only on day 13th of each month.

Yeah. That's how far the joblessness has reached. Talking to computer generated programs. I guess I'll come back on a 13th and talk to it (him?) again.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dare to Dream

This post is to celebrate the fact that this blog, The Lunatic Speaks got featured in Paulo Coelho's blog. You can visit the page here. A rather old post, though one of my favourites, the blog entry, for those who missed it because it's a rather old entry can be found here, and this article is a follow up of the previous article found here.

Though over the years, my thoughts about god and my beliefs about life has changed, Paulo Coelho's works continue to inspire me and make me introspect. Thank you, Mr. Coelho, for this honour.

I'll end with one of his quotes, the last line of By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept, which continue to fuel my dreams.

"Dreams mean work."

Of Shah Rukh and Shahid

Samarsata Express, Howrah to Kalyan departing on 2nd October 2009 was the train I was on. I will have a longer post about the journey later, but something which caught my attention while on the train is the subject matter of this post.

On my opposite berth, there were two students of IIHM, Mumbai. Names I don't know, nor do I know anything else about them. One was a guy and one was a girl. They were talking about films, and me, being a Media Student got interested in their discussion and wanted to join in. However, before that glorious moment, this girl made a comment which made me stay out of the conversation. She said, "শাহ রুখ এর হলে দেখি না, শাহিদ এর হলে দেখি" (I don't watch films if they are by Shah Rukh, but I watch them if they are by Shahid.)

Wow! What a comment! What a pat on the back for the Ram Gopal Verma's, the Anurag Kashyap's and the thousand others who have either made a movie or are on the process of making a movie! What a tremendous amount of incentive they would have got listening to a normal everyday movie goer (or non goer, if its "by" Shah Rukh) talking about films.

What does this represent, about the Indian audience? Hanging around with my Media Trainee friends and other people, discussing Wong Kar Wai and Kurosawa to no end, I board a train and am hit by such a remark. The star system in India, according to me, was on a decline, thanks to smaller budget, independent, couragious films being made in the past few years. Thanks to production houses like UTV Spotboy, these films were getting the commercial outlook that they required, and Indian cinema, according to me, was slowly merging the commercial and the art aspects of cinema.

However, this comment made me come back to ground. In India, most of the population still go to watch films because it has either a Shahid or a Shahrukh. Maybe a Salman or a Akshay.