Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We all live. Either in body, or in soul.

The body shook. The boy raised his head.

So, he was alive. When he was absolutely sure he was going to die, he in fact, was not at all dead. But quiet the opposite. But was he really alive?

He opened his eyes. It took a moment to get used to the light. Or did it take a lifetime to get his eyes adjusted? He was not sure. He wasn't sure if time was working properly for him. He wasn't sure the things he had grown used to were true. Or maybe, he wasn't truly alive.

He looked around. The same everywhere. A dazzling white light. What had happened before he had gone to sleep, or to die, he wasn't sure. Where was he lying on? It was neither hard, nor soft. He looked down. He saw he was floating in space. Or was it he had lost his eyesight and could only see the white light? When your eyes stop working, can you see anything? Or is it darkness, or light? He wondered. He had lost his eyesight. He could not see his body too. Had he really lost his eyesight? Or was he dead?

He couldn't feel anything. Now he realized, he hadn't opened his eyes. He was just so used to the routine, he had felt he had opened his eyes. But he couldn't feel anything. What was going on?

Maybe he was dead.

But he could think. Can you think after you die? He wondered. Then he shook his head. But there was no head. Or was there?

Was he dead?

Or was he alive?

He was puzzled. He wanted to cry out. But could he cry out? He tried. He succeeded. But his cry reached no one, expect himself.

The body shook. The boy raised his head.

So, he was alive.

He opened his eyes. He looked around. It was the same. The same room, identical to the one in which he had gone to sleep. Or to die? He was sure he was going to die.

But, he was alive.

But, was he alive before?

Maybe, he had just been born.

Something was different. He started thinking. And the body, the surroundings were the same, but the thoughts which came, were unfamiliar to him.

He blinked. What was this all about?

But he still wasn’t sure why he thought he was going to die.

He looked around, again. It was the same. But all was different.

He had been born again.

But no! It wasn't him!

It was his consciousness.

Now he remembered.

He was sure he would live, but he was also sure, his consciousness would die.

He was right. It had died. But it had been born again.

He got up. He was free. He knew what was expected of him. He knew what he was meant to do. He knew who he truly was.

He also knew, all that was past, was merely an illusion, ways to bind him to the material world, which, in reality, or in spirituality, did not exist.

He was born again. Not from the womb of his mother. But from the souls of understanding and wisdom.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Self Doubts

There comes a point in life when you don’t want to carry on with what you are facing. But you don’t have the courage to break free to change the way things are. The heart says something, the brain whispers something else, and you turn up doing something totally different.

What is the problem you might ask. There can be numerous. It can even be that the reasons are countably infinite. There might be a particular reason for someone’s this state, and again, this might be totally unfamiliar to someone else, who is also in the same state of disturbance.

You are disturbed. But you don’t know why. You draw into recluse. You stop listening. You stop thinking. But you don’t do anything to help yourself. And you refuse the help of others. You draw away from others. You even draw away from yourself. Then a time comes when you stop recognizing yourself.

This is not the life I wanted. A few years or even days ago, is this what I pictured myself as when I stopped to think about me in the near future? Or did I even stop to think about the future? Is this going to continue? Or am I going to win the war against myself when I finally have the courage to wage it?

Life is stale. Routine. Without any adventures. The same things repeating themselves. And maybe going to continue for ever, if I don’t do anything about them. But can I do it?